When You’ve Been Hurt in an Auto Accident

December 27, 2018 | Stanley Wojculewski, Esq.

Been in an Auto Accident? See how we can help!

When you retain the Costello Law Firm to represent you for your automobile injury claim, we’ll investigate the accident to figure out who is at fault, we’ll handle gathering evidence, including witness statements, taking photographs, and obtaining police reports and other necessary documents. The Costello Law Firm will file necessary insurance paperwork and deal with insurance representatives, including claims adjusters, investigators, and attorneys, so you don’t have to.

If you need treatment, we will schedule doctor’s appointments and needed tests and monitor the care you’ll be receiving. We will be in contact with the doctors treating your injuries and assure that necessary authorizations are received, and medical bills are promptly paid by insurance.

We’ll calculate your out-of-pocket expenses and your case value. Our attorneys negotiate a settlement on your behalf to ensure that you are properly compensated. If we can’t reach an agreement with the insurance company, then we’ll fight for you in court.

Dealing with insurance companies

They may claim to be your “good neighbor” and assure you that you are in “good hands,” but it’s important to remember that insurance companies are in business to make money. Insurance companies make money by paying out less money on claims than they collect in customer premiums. Prior to 2004, few large insurance companies wrote auto insurance policies in New Jersey. Now with several large players, such as GEICO and Progressive, competition has grown fierce. These companies are trying harder than ever to hold onto every dollar. In an effort to do so, these insurers sometimes make decisions that hurt their customers – customers like you that have paid premiums in exchange for coverage and protection in the event something goes wrong.

This is not an area to go it alone. Even determining which insurance company is responsible for paying your claim – and there may be more than one – is something that requires knowledge of the law, insurance contracts and experience navigating the insurance system. The Personal Injury attorneys at Costello Law Firm have over 40 years of combined experience.

Getting you appropriate medical care

For auto accidents, medical treatment is paid for and overseen by your own auto insurance (known as “No-Fault” or PIP). The No-Fault system is complicated and full of pitfalls for both patients and health care providers. As a result, not every doctor is willing to deal with patients that are injured in auto accidents. This is an unfortunate result of the system. The Costello Law Firm has excellent relationships with many of the top physicians in South Jersey. These healthcare providers are adept at navigating the complexities of No-Fault to make sure you get the treatment you need authorized and are not stuck with the bill when all is said and done. The Costello Law Firm will be right there throughout, ready to deal with any obstacle that would prevent you from getting you the medical care you need.

Resolving your claim

Insurance companies employ scores of adjusters and attorneys to assure they pay the least amount possible on a claim. The Costello Law Firm has the experience, knowledge, and fortitude to fight on your behalf so that you receive fair and just compensation for your injuries. If there are out-of-pocket expenses, such as medical co-payments, we will negotiate with your medical providers to make sure you keep the maximum amount possible from your recovery. We’ll file all necessary court documents and complete all paperwork associated with a settlement or court judgment.

Stanley Wojculewski, ESQ.

Stanley Wojculewski, ESQ.

Mr. Wojculewski has extensive experience in handling automobile accident injury cases and has a great deal of experience with physician claims.
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