November 14, 2022 | Chris Costello, Esq.

Certified Civil Trial Attorney

A certified civil trial attorney in New Jersey is an attorney who has been granted this designation by the New Jersey Superior Court once they are able to demonstrate sufficient levels of experience, professional reputation, education, knowledge and skills in Civil Trial Proceedings.

Burlington County personal injury lawyer, Christopher F. Costello is a Certified Civil Trial attorney.

Extensive Experience & Skill

This means that Mr. Costello has been recognized by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as an attorney with extensive and substantial skill and experience in the area of civil practice, which includes all forms of personal injury litigation.

Professional Reputation

Certified Civil Trial attorneys must demonstrate their professional reputation as civil attorneys with a high level of competence and knowledge through referrals made by their fellow attorneys and the Superior Court judges they appear before.

Written Exam & Continued Education

A Civil Trial attorney must pass a written exam and must take continuing legal education classes in the area of civil litigation every year to maintain their certification.

While there are over 40,000 practicing attorneys in New Jersey, less than 2% of these lawyers have achieved Certified Civil Trial Attorney status.

As a Certified Civil Trial Attorney, Christopher F. Costello is recognized by both his peers and judges throughout South Jersey as an attorney and an experienced and capable professional that those injured by the negligence of others can rely upon to achieve results and protect his clients’ interests.

If you or a loved one live in Burlington County or anywhere in Southern New Jersey and have been hurt as a result of someone else’s wrongdoing, or have suffered a workplace accident, do not hesitate to contact the Costello Law Firm and have peace of mind knowing a Certified Civil Trial Attorney is working on your behalf.

Chris Costello, ESQ.

Chris Costello, ESQ.

Chris handles matters in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania and is an active member of the New Jersey Association for Justice as well as the Burlington County Bar Association. As a Burlington County personal injury lawyer, Mr. Costello has served as chairman of the Burlington County Bar Association Personal Injury Committee and lectured on topics related to auto accidents and insurance law.

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